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BCM Controls is adept at providing unique solutions that work and are easy to operate. From initial evaluation, through design, installation, and on-going service, BCM Controls is prepared to be your Building Automation partner.

As an authorized dealer for Schneider Electric building control systems, BCM offers state-of-the-art technologies. The result is a building automation and energy management system that leverages existing network infrastructure and allows critical building performance and energy consumption data to be shared with other business applications.

Schneider Electric's Continuum product integrates many building systems including HVAC Controls, Lighting, Power Monitoring, Access Control, IP Video, and Security. The Continuum system is fully compatible with ASHRAE’s BACnet communications protocol as well as previous generations of Andover Controls’ equipment. The Schneider Electric Continuum system is an Ethernet-friendly product offering complete Web interface capabilities. An intuitive easy-to-use graphical interface ensures that building operators can utilize the system to its capabilities.

From the initial phase of a new building or major renovation, BCM is committed to:

  1. Identifying your business needs first
  2. Working closely with your facilities staff
  3. Mapping out a solution that fits your business.

BCM Controls is dedicated to your success by designing, installing and supporting optimal solutions. BCM continues to deliver on this key commitment and welcomes the opportunity to discuss your Building Automation needs.